Age Related Safety Sheets




Bicycle Safety


Car Safety Seats


Choking Prevention


Dog Bite Prevention


Fire Safety


Firearm Safety


Hiring a Babysitter


Infants Safety


Lawn Mower Safety


Poison Safety (Poison Control Number)


Sun Safety


Water Safety


Age related safety sheets

  1-2 yrs
  2-4 yrs
  5 yrs
  6 yrs
  8 yrs
  10 yrs


  Preventing child abuse
  Preventing shaken baby syndrome

 Bicycle Safety

  Bicycle helmets
  Safety myths & facts
  Child as passenger on adult bicycle

 Car safety seats

  Car safety seats, general information from the AAP
  Air bag safety
  Car seats for children w/ special needs

 Choking prevention    

  General Information
  Common choking hazards 

 Dog bite prevention

  General Information

 Fire Safety

  Fire prevention
  Getting your family out alive 
  Protecting your home against fires
  Preventing burns in children 

Firearm Safety and Prevention

  Preventing injuries  
  ASK campaign  

Hiring a babysitter        

  General Information
  Baby sitting reminders 

Infants safety

  Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  Parents guide to safe sleep

Lawn mower safety     

  General Information  

Poison safety       

 Carolinas Poison Control   1-800-848-6946  

  Poison proof your home 
  Handling a poison emergency

Sun Safety

  Preventing sunburns
  Fun in the Sun  

Water safety

  General facts
  Home water hazards for young children
  Life jackets and preservers
  Pool safety
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