Welcome to our office.  We are truly glad that you have chosen to bring your child/children to Catawba Pediatric Associates.  We offer a wide range of services including well child care (newborn through college age), sick visits, emergency clinics on weekends, and phone advice by registered nurses 24 hours a day.


Please see the section under "office information" for complete details regarding our hours of operation and office policies.   Since we are just learning about your child, we would appreciate your completing the accompanying forms concerning his/her past medical history. 

We need the history form completed on each child who is to be seen.  It is rather extensive and time-consuming, but there is no other adequate method to prevent over-looking some potentially important past findings.


If you do not remember the answer to a certain question, please make a reasonable estimate or leave blank.  Someone will go over the completed form with you.  Please add at your next visit any information which you may have at home or elsewhere.  Certain items will not apply to your age child;  simply leave blank. The form will be returned to you periodically for updating.  Please attempt to obtain any old immunization records before being seen.  You should try to be as accurate as possible. 

It is against the child's best interest to make him/her "look good" on the form. If your child "was developmentally slow", "relates poorly to other children", "wets the bed at age 12 years", or "takes drugs", then so state.  This form, like the entire medical record, will remain confidential and not be released to anyone without your approval. It is required that the child's mother or father be present for the first visit. Other family members or relatives are often unable to provide full information regarding past medical history.

It is important that you bring the completed form with you for the initial visit.
You can download and print this form by clicking here:

New Patient History Form



One more thing before you come, please print the release form below, complete the information, sign and date and give the form to any office that has previously seen your child. 

You can download and print this form by clicking here:
 Record release form 

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